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Professional Christian Counseling

                Emotionally Focused...Solution Driven Counseling

  Bulding Healthy Marriages and Strong Families

Training Course Requirements

Course Structure

Those wishing to earn a certificate must be able to demonstrate minimum competencies in order to work with clients. That will be determined through attendance, class participation and weekly quizzes. Those wishing to audit this class without seeing clients may do so as space is available. Preference will be given to those who are willing to volunteer in the Care Center.

Class Structure

Classes will include group discussion as well as teaching. You will receive a CD at the end of class time covering the same topics covered in class. You will be quizzed only on the content of the CD reading.

Class Attendance

Because this training course is condensed to include only the most pertinent information, and given the length of the course, participants may be excused from attending 3 class sessions maximum without penalty. Quizzes for missed class times must still be completed. Because there will be two groups training concurrently, you may make arrangements to attend the opposite Saturday or Sunday class (space permitting). Please notify your instructor before doing so. While earning your certificate is based primarily on quizzes from the material contained in CD readings, class attendance will provide you with important interactions.

Class Participation

Your ability to engage class members in discussion will both demonstrate your abilities to dialogue with clients in healthy ways and solidify the important things you will learn from readings. Without any class participation the instructor will have difficulty determining competency for working with clients.

Weekly Quizzes

Training course participants will be invited through email to establish a free account through Instructure Canvas, a web based teaching service, where quizzes will be taken online and graded automatically. Multiple choice quizzes will consist of ten questions of the information deemed most important from your CD reading. Quizzes will be made available after class time and you will receive an email notice of when those are available. You may take your quiz(zes) anytime throughout the course. All quizzes will be closed one week following the end of the course. Quizzes are open book and you may take the quiz as many times as you like but you must accumulate the standard graduate school "B" average of 80% in order to pass the course. Canvas will retain only your highest score.

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