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Professional Christian Counseling

                Emotionally Focused...Solution Driven Counseling

  Bulding Healthy Marriages and Strong Families

Terms of Agreement

Doctrinal Beliefs

In the process of teaching an effective course in Lay Counseling, participants should be aware that the Barnabas University program will espouse certain doctrinal statements that may contradict what you may have been taught or have believed previously. Please be aware that these doctrinal statements have been thoughtfully constructed to fit a framework of understanding that may not make immediate logical sense until the full course content has been presented. While the instructor invites healthy discussion of such matters, by paying tuition you are agreeing to learn such doctrines for the sake of testing and scholarship even though you may ultimately believe differently. The instructor may at times end doctrinal discussions with individuals for the sake of class progress. No refunds will be given due to doctrinal disputes.

Tuition Payments

Tuition must be paid in full prior to attendance and can be made anytime prior to your first scheduled class period as long as the class is not full. Because the instructor's salary is based upon the combined tuition of up to 24 participants, no refunds can be granted later than 24 hours before the course begins. Consistent with the above rationale for paying course instructors, refunds cannot be granted for dropping the course for any reason.

Barnabas University

For Lay Counselor Education

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