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Professional Christian Counseling

                Emotionally Focused...Solution Driven Counseling

  Bulding Healthy Marriages and Strong Families

Community Connexions

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Meet Mikel Kelly


Having experienced the pain of an unwanted divorce, Mikel is a passionate champion for marriage and family. He approaches a plethora of topics within this subject from an expert knowledge of theology, psychology, and counseling perspectives. 


Expect to hear wonderful truths that you have never heard. Mikel speaking integrates cutting edge wisdom with psychological data and Biblical authority.

"Common sense is not so common"



Mikel has developed a Christian Psychology second to none. It dovetails perfectly with both psychological data and the Biblical narrative. Mikel's paradigm informs his understanding of humanity in such a way that explains human development and behaviors in a way that is consistent with the Scriptures. His paradigmatic views have unlocked a tremendous number of Biblical mysteries.

Educated and Credentialed

Mikel is a licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Indiana. He holds a Master of Arts degree from the seminary of the Restoration Movement, Cincinnati Christian University.


If you understand epigentics and the concept that personality traits may become generational, you may find it interesting that Mikel is the tenth great grandson of Dr. Alexander Leighton, the great Scottish reformer and forerunner of the Presbyterian Church. He is also the first cousin (6x) to James O'Kelly who was instrumental to the Christian Restoration Movement here in America and whose group were the first to call themselves Christians. His banner cry "Sola Scriptura!" made him a patriot of the fledgling church along the the lines of a Patrick Henry who once said "give me liberty or give me death" breaking free from the Anglican Church.

Interpretive Style 

Speaking "truth in love" Mikel's goal is to communicate deep and complex issues in understandable ways that brings clarity to difficult life problems and makes sense to everyone.

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