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Mikel Kelly, MA, LMHC

AACC World Conference

Nashville, TN

September 24, 2015

The Birds and Bees Talk You've Never Heard...


Whatever form or shape Christian counseling, and the integration of Christian faith and psychotherapy, may take in the future, it needs to be Christ-centered, biblically-based, and Spirit-filled to the glory of God for the healing of many hurting people

— Siang-Yang Tan.[1]


This series of webpages is for educational purposes only. They are intended to be an additional, professional courtesy resource for pastors, professional counselors, and others who have attended the Be Strong in Marriage symposium conducted at the American Association of Christian Counselor's (AACC) World Conference. These pages are not made public and viewing them is by invitation of the author.


This is a “birds and bees talk” that fills in gaps of important relationship knowledge that virtually everyone wants to have been imparted to them from parents. It is especially geared toward the many counselees, who have become innocent victims of growing up in a fragmented family where parents have either divorced, cohabited or who have simply “checked-out” as parents.

This series of webpages hopes to fill in the void of knowledge for those who have had an absentee parent, and who has been left to figure out life on their own. On the one hand, the Bible has some very direct things to say about relationships. On the other, it can seem quite vague appearing to leave out details we want to know more about. Hopefully you will appreciate how these webpages have been written in such a manner as to incorporate not only what God has to say on the subject of marriage but also the voices of many experts, in order that, our understanding of marriage can be expanded to its fullest measure possible.

Just as God promises to be the “Father to those who are fatherless” (see Psalm 10:14 & Psalm 68:5) so this series of webpages seeks to provide counselees with the sound reasoning that a “good authoritative parent” would have. As you probably know, authoritative parents distinguish themselves from other lesser effective styles of parenting by teaching their children how to behave and by giving children good reasons for why they should. Hopefully your clients can accept what is written here as though it were coming from a loving parent who seeks the best for them.

The information presented here is arranged in three successive levels of explanation. Following this brief Introduction, our discussion begins first with a Basic Description. It then moves to an Expanded Overview with more detail and then finally it will give you a Step by Step Specific explanation of each component so that you can have as much detail as you like. It is recommended that you read all three levels (from first to last) so that you can develop an overall concept that will facilitate a better grasp of the details.


What The Author Wants You to Know

Posted 1/16/2016

There is some important information about how this was written that will be helpful for you to know as you are reading it.

A Basic Description

The Genesis 2:24 Cycle of Marital Intimacy

Posted 1/16/2016

The Biblical text of Genesis 2:24 describes a cycle within marriage that is key to understanding yourself and your spouse as well as the kind of marriage God designed for you to have. Click on the links below to begin discovering the hidden secrets of the successful marriage God wants for you.

Marriage Parameters

God Sets Limits for Biblical Marriages

Posted 1/16/2016

God has distinctive goals for marriage. In order for those goals to be achieved humans can only operate within certain parameters that He identifies for us.

Want to Know More than Just the Basics?

Go to the Expanded Overview Page....

Expanded Overview

The Genesis 2:24 Cycle of Marital Intimacy

Posted 1/16/2016

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Still Hungry for Knowledge? Learn Even More.

Go to the Step by Step Specifics Page....

Step by Step Specifics

The Genesis 2:24 Cycle of Marital Intimacy

Posted 1/16/2016

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Works Cited:

Cycle of Intimacy Home Page


The Genesis 2:24

Cycle of Marital Intimacy

“That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.”

Genesis 2:24 — NIV



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Heading Quote:

[1] Counseling Theories and Techniques: A Brief Overview & Christian Perspective, Siang-Yang Tan, Christian Counseling Today, Volume 18, No. 4, Forest: American Association of Christian Counselors, 2012. (p. 44).