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Expert Counseling Help for Nightmares and Sleep Terrors

Counselworx offers expert counseling for nightmares and sleep terrors. Dreams are like parables. Instead of using words to form the puzzle our mind creates visual scenes. These scenes that play-out while we are asleep are trying process strong unresolved feelings that we have had recently while awake. Sometimes we get to watch our brain process these feelings while in a state of being partially awake and partially asleep. While we hope for, and wish each other pleasant dreams, dream-work is not always that way. Sometimes they are disturbing or violent that disrupt our sleep waking us in the middle of the night. Sleep disruptions can prevent us from getting the rest we need. Not feeling rested can exacerbate the distressing things that cause our disturbed sleep. It is usually quite helpful to interpret the meaning of dreams in order to understand better what the subconscious is trying to resolve thus making counseling more effective and beneficial. Dreams are a valuable tool for understanding what issues a person is dealing with. God designed dreams to let us know that there is something that needs our attention. Nightmares and sleep terrors are highly associated with PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which is a type of anxiety that results from some traumatic life event. Sometimes we don't think we are affected negatively by something but may be. Dreams reveal those for us.

Let us help take the mystery out of your dreams for the rest your body needs. Arrange time to talk with a counselor today.

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